Why You Should Upgrade Your Printers


When you've had the same printers for a long time, you start to get used to them. You know how they work best and which functions are the most useful and what needs to be done to keep them happy. However, the truth is that, when you get used to a printer, you can start overlooking obvious signs that it's time to upgrade--and then you'll miss out on some great benefits.

Tricks for Choosing the Perfect MFP

tips and tricks mfp

Is it possible to choose the perfect multifunction printer the first time? Can you find the best machine for your company, both for the present and in the future, without spending hours on the Internet and slogging through reviews and recommendations? It's not as hard as you might think. Today we'll look at a few handy tricks for choosing the perfect MFP quickly and painlessly.

Taking Care of Your Copier

changing printer toner

Where would your company be without a good, reliable copier? A lot if not all of your workflow would probably be halted immediately, unable to get even the smallest task completed, and communication would break down within minutes. Copiers are crucial--so it's important to know how to care for them.


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